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Increase visitor numbers by developing a more attractive offer

The range of services I offer is based upon individual services or a fuller managed package.


This can often begin with an audit or assessment of the existing offer and advice on how that can be maximised, taking into account any existing governing policies. Thereafter, a development strategy can be devised and a plan to implement that strategy drawn up.


Specific objectives differ each time, but the common thread is generally to increase visitor numbers by developing a more attractive offer.


This might mean planning the development of individual sites, or the creation of a scheme that takes a broader view encompassing multiple sites across an area, region or nationally.

Identifying opportunities for development


I can act in an overseeing capacity working with local teams already in place, or advise on and assist in the creation of a team with the required disciplines. I can help bridge interdepartmental divides and suggest the structure of development committees.


The starting point for all of this is the research and collation of the overall messages to be delivered to visitors; the historical and cultural details that inform the tourism offer.


This is crucial to being able to identify the opportunities for development and thus how they can be delivered in a coherent manner to maximise those opportunities.


Importantly, the thinking will encompass the physical sites and locations AND the digital experience; the online presence is now a vital component of any visitor offer. This will cover websites and social media.


How we can work together


  • Single days – to offer informal advice
  • Periodic Advice – typically monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly for overviews and monitoring (Similar to the role of a non-executive director)
  • Scaled reports – providing a more formal feedback and planning for individual locations, areas, regions or nationally



This can be divided into two parts:


  • Planning – develop a strategy and road-map for development
  • Implementation – Help manage, oversee and monitor that road map as it is carried out

Case Studies

  • RAK Heritage Advisor
    In Heritage Development
    Government Department
  • The Mary Rose Museum
    In Interpretation Planning/ Steering Committee
    Mary Rose Museum
  • National Trust Chirk Castle
    In Heritage Development/ Interpretation Planning
    The National Trust